Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Facebook Gaming Reportedly Overrun with Strange Videos, Scams


When Facebook rolled out Facebook Gaming, and eventually acquired Microsoft’s Mixer platform, they were positioning themselves to be a competitor to Amazon’s powerhouse streaming platform Twitch, and they seemed off to a great start during their first few years since launch.

However, things have seemed to take a turn in recent months, as a number of reports indicate that the platform is struggling with non-active accounts, and channels that aren’t live. Some of these are the most watched accounts on the platform, according to Deccan Herald.

The report showcases a specific instance, reported initially by Bloomberg, on a morning in February where the #1 stream on Facebook Gaming was featuring a video from the military game ‘Arma 3, which was billed as footage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Facebook Gaming also is facing issues of channels saying that they are live, but are really just constant loops of recorded footage that can run over 10 hours at a time.

“We have more and more fake streamers and less and less real streamers,” said Facebook Gaming user Daniel Popa, per the report.

“As we zoom out we see a long term upward trend in both the number of creators and viewership on Facebook Gaming,” Facebook said in a statement.

With Facebook now focusing on their re-brand to Meta, and a whole new iteration of the platform, it will be interesting to see if Facebook Gaming gets an overhaul, or completely left in the dust.

The current trend doesn’t seem too promising.

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